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What Would it look like?

Trying to determine how industrial wind turbines would look IF they were built is something that perplexes even the developers. They often use mock up photography to make them appear smaller or less intrusive than the actual turbines would appear. If you are not sure how the potential re-development at Carland Cross would appear, this helps to clearly visualise the size of the turbines when viewed from your property - or any other vantage point.

It involves a bit of 'Blue Peter' but the end result is an entirely accurate representation.

1) Make a simple model of a turbine exactly to a scale of 1:1000. This is easy, just use millimetres instead of metres. So a 100 metre turbine should be 100mm high. The one shown here is made out of slivers of paper taped together.

2) Stick the turbine model to the end of a piece of wood. The wood should be as long in millimetres as the distance in metres from the turbine to your viewing location. For a list of locations and their distances, please click here.

3) Hold the piece of wood up to your cheek and look along the wood. In the case of St Newlyn East, the piece of wood is 1300mm long (because we are 1,300 metres from the proposed site of the nearest turbine).

3) When you place the image of the model against the horizon it will feel exactly like the real turbine will feel for you.

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