Carland Cross Wind Farm Action Group





National & International Opposition Groups:

Link Location Description
Country Guardian UK National UK conservation group which, since 1991, has campaigned against the construction of wind turbines in environmentally sensitive areas.
European Platform Against Windfarms Europe 223 signatory organisations from 12 European countries fighting wind farms
National Wind Watch US & International Presenting the facts about industrial wind power
Renewable Energy Foundation UK National A registered charity encouraging the development of renewable energy and energy conservation whilst emphasizing that such development must be governed by the fundamental principles of sustainability.
Industrial Wind Action Group US & International Facts, analysis, exposure of wind energy's real impacts
Industrial Wind Energy Opposition US & International Lots of resources stating the facts about wind power.

Other Resources

Link Description
A Problem With Wind Power, By Eric Rosenbloom Featured in At Issue: What Energy Sources Should Be Pursued, Greenhaven Press, 2005 and Opposing Viewpoints: Global Resources, Gale, 2007
When Turbines Go Bad. Website showing wind turbine malfunctions
Energy Consumption in Wind Facilities Large wind turbines require a large amount of energy to operate.
The Wayward Wind, by Jon Boone Incisive critique
Articles by Mark Duchamp Special attention to birds
Report by John Mollica Setback, icing, structural failure, noise
The aesthetic dissonance of industrial wind machines by Jon Boone Incisive critique of wind power's aesthetic chic
Articles by Nina Pierpont Vibroacoustic disease caused by industrial wind turbines
The Case Against Wind Farms by Dr J. R. Etherington Dr Etherington writes with no affiliation to any campaigning organisation and is not a member of one. Neither does he
receive payment from any part of the energy industry.
An Ill Wind, by Nigel Barnes Extensive compilation of arguments


Carland Cross Wind Farm Action Group